Dulevo 3000

Dulevo 3000

Design, Innovation and Robust construction, effective solutions for all applications and the unique large waste hopper make the Dulevo 3000 the perfect working tool for all seasons - everywhere and at any time, regarless of high or low temperatures, sun rain or snow.  With the most up to date technology on the market and top quality components ensure the high demands of any application and a guarantee of longevity.

Operators comfort and ergonomics are our priority together with application specifications.  Effective axle suspensions and ideal weight distribution insure a balanced and safe drive ability.  The powerful drive and transmission guarantees the use in difficult conditions to include sloping areas.

The generous interior space of the cabin and the quality seat make the machine an extremely comfortable workplace.  An additional insulation and springs protect the operator from noise emissions and vibrations.  The large window surfaces of the cab allow the all round view of the working area.  The standard equipment includes heated mirrors, air condition and a charging plug for mobile devices.

The innovative, modular structure and the on top centred position of all main components allow the most simple access to all important components for service and maintenance.  The Dulevo 3000 is fully hydrostatic driven without the use of any electronic components.    

Working alongside environmental awarness with minimal noise level, dust emission, water and fuel consumption are the basic concepts of the Dulevo 3000.  With a proofed fine dust reduction of 100% compared to standard suction sweeping equipment and a water saving of up to 60% the Dulevo 3000 fulfills all the environmental future requirements.  

The 180 degree full motion large front brush is an indispensable auxillary tool for sweeping corners, gutters and for increasing working width.  The hopper uplifting system allows the discharge of the debris in refuse containers, trucks or in large refuse compactors.  A variety of options expand the working spectrum of the Dulevo 3000  - eveywhere at any time.