Dulevo 850

Dulevo 850

The Dulevo 850 suction road sweeper combines excellent sweeping capabilities with reduced sized and manouverability.  It is designed for easy unloading into bins or compactors, thus reducing working times and improving cleanliness.  

The extremely silent engine and sweeping system minimise all environmental impact.

The 850 Sweeper is the ideal solution for inner city cleaning, distribution centre perimereters and the wider environment by offering remarkable sweeping capability and excellent manoeuvrability.

Thanks to the 850's hourly output it is the ideal solution for city centres and all those areas that are difficult to reach; such as pavements, stations, cycling paths, pedestrian areas, care parks, parks and Universtity grounds. 

The Dulevo 850 suction road sweeper maintains its position even when fully loaded and when operating on uneven ground, thus ensuring high levels of operator safety and comfort. 

The Dulevo 850 is designed to work with ease, even on uneven surfaces.  

As with all Dulevo Sweepers particular thought has gone into the cabin design in terms of comfort and accessibility, with ergonomic and intuitive controls.