Dulevo D3

Dulevo D3

The Dulevo D3 Street Sweeper embodies innovation and cutting-edge technology.  

The combination of the mechanical sweeping system and sweeping by suction, supported by a dust filter, guarantees maximum performance and maximum versatility.    

Savings in water and fuel consumption.  Water is only used to cut down on dust on the external brushes and utilises the option to work even in the absence of water in offering great water savings compared to conventional systems.  

Double sweeping speed compared to ciommon technologies along with a wide sweeping width.  High speed performance for high productivity.  

The Dulevo D3 has high filtration efficiency with a dust filter for constant and effective filtration in all conditions.  

The limited use of water or the absence of use, makes it possible to drastically reduce H20 refueling times required in conventional systems for PM10 and 2.5 abatement for dust suppression.  

The water tight waste container is made of AISA 304 stainless steel.  A Wireless Remote Control is available as an accessory to carry out operations outside the cabin.  

The filter clwaning is carried out by means of a hydromechanical filter shaker takes place directly from the cabin by means of a dedicated command.  

The D3 sweeper is certified for the retention of fine dust according to the En15429-3 standard.  The Gore filter complete with 5 year warranty is also available.